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.In complementarity with Yoga, astrology appears as the most powerful technique to know human being in its totality : biological, psychological and metaphysical (or spiritual). But to to realize it, one must study it carefully, and above all experiment the energies of the cosmos into us thanks to its technique. Indeed it’s a question of experience, much more than an intellectual theory. It’s a multimillenial experience lived by thousands of ancient scientists and astronomers, researchers – in different civilizations – and today by all people who take an interest to it. It’s an experience you can live during your whole existence. In fact you can feel the vibrations of the cosmos inside you, and you learn how to use them so that to live the programme imprinted in your DNA at the best.

.Then we notice that astrology can bring a considerable development to human sciences (sociology, psychology, history, philosophy and metaphysics), and also to « hard sciences » (biology, physics, astrophysics). Consequently astrology appears as more than a science in the classical way of the term : it’s a metascience.

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.At the beginning of this third millenium there’s a point which seems to me capital to realize. Indeed astrology allows to reconnect, to re-establish the lost links between our physical body and the living body of the cosmos. Thanks to this, astrology shows us what’s the place and the role of mankind in the order of the cosmos. Such an awareness should shake up many received ideas. We aren’t lost any more in a black cosmic immensity, empty of existence. We are the children of the cosmos, a living and intelligent cosmos who talks to us at each moment with his own language ! Astrology helps us to decode this language. When one realize it – in testing it – it becomes absolutely astounding.

.I said earlier « let’s go for the discovery ». So this approach of astrology is now – I hope for you – an interesting discovery. But if you go further, if you experiment it, then I can say that it’ll be the most extraordinary venture you’ll live in your life. Anything you decide, I say to you : « Heaven go with you ! ».


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