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.Quantum physics makes us know that at the level of an atom hard matter doesn’t exist any more. It’s energy mixed with information. And it vibrates everywhere in space, in interconnection and in real time. It means that when an electron sends a « message », the information is immediately received at millions of light years away. Therefore the whole Universe forms a vast texture of vibrations and intelligent informations, with here and there spots where information has condensed, materialized, and it has made stars, cactus, frogs and human beings. If we think about for a moment, we realize that in the cosmos everything lives together, at the same time, into a same movement, in interdependence. There it exerts an absolute Intelligence.

.This view of things could seem extraordinary to us. Yet it was already known by the ancient Rishis, visionary scholars of the antique India 5000 years ago. Therefore we haven’t invented anything : we only rediscover reality with a different way of thinking. Great names of quantum physics, as David Bohm or Fritjof Capra, think that the whole Universe composes
a huge consciousness field in which we’re the tiny participants. Not only such an idea opens fantastic prospects of resarch on human psychology, but it goes along the same lines as astrology.


.In the years 1980 a french biologist, Étienne Guillé, has revealed the presence of metals in the membrane which surrounds the cell nucleus, in our DNA. These metals (or metalloids) correspond precisely to those that astrological tradition attributes to the seven planets of the solar system. After numerous experiences with his staff, E. Guillé has concluded that metalloids of our DNA are the vibratory carriers of informations coming from the cosmos, especiallly from the solar system.


.In France, this research hasn’t found an echo among the scientific community. This is a classic rejection … Nevertheless the new biology – quantum biology – advances obviously towards Guillé’s discoveries, with the works of Rupert Sheldrake (in England), Jean-Claude Perez and Jean-Paul Citron (in France). J.C. Perez in particular has shown that all DNA are structured following the Fibonacci mathematical series. In other words DNA possesses a remarkable harmonious structure, obviously linked to the order of the cosmos (we realize that if one introduces GMOs into the DNA, we risk to destroy gradually the life harmony).


.Lastly we must talk about psychology at a minimum. Indeed, because Jung’s psychology, the one of Roberto Assagioli and, more recently, Stanislas Grof’s researches, show the infinite links of the human psyche with the cosmic order. It’s exactly what astrolgy says for ages, with Yoga and numerous traditional knowledges all over the world, presently rediscovered. So I hold the following reasoning :

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