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.Our birth chart indicates our way of spiritual achievement. So I must precise here what I mean by « spiritual », because this term is generally connected to religions. In the West, the word « spirit » comes from spiritus – in old Latin – which means « breath », or « inspiration » by extension. For Christians it has to do with the divine Breath who’s created life. Elsewhere, in India or in China, we find the concepts of prana, of ki and chi, expressing the idea of universal energy.
.Jung’s psychology (with the notion of archetype), as quantum physics (with the notion of intelligent information) obviously rejoin what religions and astrological tradition have been saying for ages. Astrology – inescapable roots of all human reflexions – that has generated mythologies, religions, sacred mathematics, philosophies and finally sciences, is well placed to show how the metaphysical dimension acts through the physical world. In another words : how the Intelligence of Universe acts through our body.

.What the religious tradition calls « the soul » represents a part extremely polarized of the universal Intelligence. At a particular moment it incarnates itself into a biological system (our body). To live spiritually consists at first in listening to our soul, that’s to say to become conscious of what we really are as human beings, then to understand a particular need of the universal Intelligence which tries to express itself through us (this is exactly the sense of the word « transpersonal » defined by Rudhyar). When we’ve understood this, we’re going to use the energies which are available in our cellular programme to accomplish that need. One could say the thing differently : we were born to accomplish a particular point of mankind and terrestrial biosphere evolution.


.Consequently spirituality has nothing to do with some illusory nirvana, or that naïve idea that Heaven would save us when we need it. To live spiritually is to become more and more conscious during our existence, and to act following our incarnation plan imprinted in our DNA. If we do it we escape from fate, from ignorance and suffering, from all which could destabilize or unhinge us.

.Whatever the external events are, small daily difficulties or big disasters, the fact of following our existence axis, our inside program, saves us from uncertainty and fear. We aren’t any more the playthings of fate,
because we accomplish our destiny. We feel confident because we realize that’s why we were born.

Astrology Spirituality

.This magnificent rediscovery of astrology will be in help to answer to the most important questions which humanity has been wondering for milleniums :
.- is Universe intelligent ?
.- from where does mankind come, and towards where is it going ?
.- what is a human being ?
.- have we an individual destiny ?
.- what’s death ?
.- is reincarnation a reality ?


.My book and a few others to come try to answer to these questions. But I already can give you a few points that could revolutionize our habitual way to consider existence. Nevertheless I don’t invent anything. I just express with the modern language what the ancient wise men knew. So here’s :

1. Yes, the Universe is supremely intelligent. Besides more and more .scientists begin to realize it, but without drawing conclusions which seem essentials to me, that’s to say :
- necessity
to decode the language of the living elements in the cosmos (planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, …). Necessity to cooperate with our biosphere and with the cosmos.
- necessity
to reorganize the individual and social life in reconsidering this bigger elements by understanding our relationship with.
- necessity
to respect the differents species : mineral, vegetal and animal.
- necessity
to understand that all type of energy is alive (as nuclear, for instance), and has a form of consciousness connected to our own consciousness. Consequently when we manipulate life thoughtlessly (GMO, cloning, atomic fission and fusion, intensive deforestations, breeding and slaughtering animals by millions everyday, using excessively water, earth and air, and so on …), what do we do except destroying ourselves ? An atomic explosion, even if we aren’t physically touched, is a serious pollution in the unconscious of each human being…

Brin ADN

.2. What about mankind evolution ? The present crisis that we experiment everywhere on the planet represents a huge pressure which forces mankind to evolve. That pressure is signified by some planetary energies. These ones radiate energy that goes through everything, and contacts our body at the quantum level of our cells. There’s also the « great alignment » I’ve already spoken about. This fact and some others more obvious (reaction of the biosphere to human activities) should make us realize that we’re living an exceptional time of transition : the one in which humanity has begun to develop a planetary consciousness.
As some of the greatest minds – Sri Aurobindo, Teilhard de Chardin, Rudhyar or Jung – have already thought, mankind is able to create a specific form of consciousness in the solar system. But for that we must change our attitudes radically. Then we can become the roots of a new humanity, and even a new species.


.3. What’s really a human being ? Individually we are solar system « in miniature ». Our physical body represents an hologram of the solar system. We remember this huge organism has helped our biosphere and all living species to emerge from the primordial matter. So we must understand that the present human being isn’t completed yet. We’re going to mutate into a new species more sophisticated, and probably strongly spiritualized. This means that we’ll have to be fully conscious of our existential state, and therefore to function in a complete symbiosis with the cosmos Intelligence.

Brin ADN

.4. Have we an individual destiny ? Yes, our cellular programme shows us its development. That extraordinary system of orientation allows us to direct our life. Nevertheless if we aren’t conscious of it, that system functions at a slow-moving, a bit like a car whose engine doesn’t idle too well. Conversely, if we become aware of it and if we use all the energies it shows, then we « run at top speed ». We deeply feel that we’re situated at the right place. This is it to live our destiny, we realize ourself as they say in the buddhist way.
To be in contact with the Intelligence of Universe, our personality changes, and little by little our species mutates towards a higher consciousness. This is our real reason to exist.


.5. What’s death ? What about reincarnation ? When we study astrology deeply, we understand that death doesn’t exists. Our body is transformed into another state, more subtle, which returns to the informational field of Universe and its global Consciousness. In a way quantum physics say the same thing. At each time a soul incarnates into a body, it’s to create a certain type of information (or event) so that to make progressing Earth and Universe. So what we call a « human existence » is a potential step – at its own level – of the huge and general evolution. When we think about our birth chart and its incredible functioning, we become conscious of this magnificent movement.


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