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.At first I must clarify a point : astrology has nothing to do with these guessing games falsely called « horoscopes », or with divination or prediction. To believe that we can predict particular events shows a complete ignorance of the functioning of astrology. When one uses astrology in a predictive way, the intellectuals are right to consider it as an imposture to lure credulous or psychologically weak people. Clairvoyance is a psychic faculty, astrology is a knowledge. We mustn’t getting it all mixed.


.On the other side there are some scientists – astronomers or physicists – who claim that astrology is a product of an outdated and wrong view of the Universe, that it hasn’t its place in the modern world, and that it interests only some people attracted by a woolly esotericism. In my opinion, a researcher – a scientist in the true sense of the word – always checks by himself if a knowledge has any value (we call that an epistemological reasoning). If we test out the astrological technique, if we verify it – with the human sciences tools in particular – we realize that it works with an absolute precision. Therefore it’s obvious that the detractors of astrology have never bother to try it. The imposture exists also in that respect.

.We’ll see that astrology shows the necessity and the urgency to transform ourselves. It gives us the useful codes, and the precise moments to do it. Let’s see how.

Red Planet

.That’s it, I’ve finished with this statement. It means that now we can deal with serious things.


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