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.My name is Patrick Jarnoüen. I generally introduce myself as a researcher in human sciences. I teach astrology and I’m a psychotherapist. I’ve been carried out an interdisciplinary research during more than twenty years (from modern physics to biology, from psychology to philosophy, from religions to the ancient traditions of humanity). During five years I’ve been participating to a research group at the university of Angers (France). I was Alexander Ruperti’s student, himself Dane Rudhyar’s ancient collaborator, that visionary genius who has renovated astrology in the 20th century.

.Today I’ve come to the conclusion that astrology is the most phenomenal knowledge ever invented by mankind. My book (alas not yet translated in english) shows clearly how modern sciences bring – indirectly – the proof that human functioning is absolutely linked up to the solar system functioning. Therefore it’s from a complitely new point of view that we can tackle astrology.

.In fact here we have a tool, a staggering technique which can help individuals, and also the whole mankind to cross the present crisis, probably the most important of all its history. How is it ? Simply in taking the human phenomenon with a wide view of things, with curiosity and honesty. To start with, let’s consider the exceptional situation of the solar system in the Galaxy for only a short time


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