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My own books to be translated soon (one essay and one novel)

When we get into an « esoteric » library, concerning astrology we find the best as the worst. So here I give you some author’s names. You can buy their books straight away without worrying :

The Astrology of Personnality by Dane Rudhyar

.Dane Rudhyar (« The astrology of personality », and all his other books),
Alexander Ruperti (« Cycles of Becoming », his main book written in english),
Stephen Arroyo (« Astrology, karma and transformation », and his other books),
Bil Tierney (« Perceptions in astrology », his main important book),
Liz Greene (« Relating, an astrological guide to living with others », and her other books),
And also : Robert Hand, Nick Campion.


Synchronicity David Peat

.In sciences you can read David Bohm, David Peat (« Synchronicity »), Fritjof Capra (« The Tao of the physics »), Danah Zohar (« The quantum self »), James Lovelock, Rupert Sheldrake, Erwin Laszlo.

.In psychology : Jung, Roberto Assagioli, Stanislas Grof.
Elsewhere one can’t miss the great Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi.

.Of course these author’s are reflecting my own opinion. But I can say they’ve marked me enough to extend my researches. If most of their books aren’t recent, they’re « a must » to read them.



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