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.If we cleverly try to connect together modern science and the Tradition, regarding our representation of the solar system, a conclusion is imperative : we can’t see it any more as a conglomerate of big stones and gas masses making rounds without aim, but as a great organism, living and intelligent. Consequently planets are entities full of informations, and are situated in space following a coherent structure. This indicates this structure has a meaning, a significance which we must discover.


1. During millions of years, this huge organism has permitted the evolution of life on Earth. It made it according to its own structure, and following schemes of space-time-energy constantly renewed.

2. In the terrestrial biosphere, at the subatomic level, DNA is necessarly
an interface between the human body and the solar system.

3. Consequently each human being has
a cosmogenetic inscription of the great solar organism in his DNA. That imprint corresponds – energetically speaking – to the solar system structure. The cosmogenetic imprint orients life, programs the different species and their aim, and the evolutional mouvement in the time.

4. If that imprint is « written » inside us, in our genes, we can naturally
read it, decode and translate it, thanks to our intuition. Then we can understand why the Ancients named the planets « Mars » or « Jupiter » (these gods symbolizing some energetic qualities). They simply « digged » the information in their cellular memory.

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.Our cosmogenetic imprint and what one calls « cellular memory » are the same thing.
It’s a vast field of memories fitted together, from the beginning of Universe as far as the parental memories, going through the stars memories, the one of our Galaxy, the one of our solar system, the one of the phylogenesis, the one of the whole humanity, the one of our societies ans the one of our ancestors. This series of memories which seems separated, different, in reality belongs to a same psychophysical continuum that David Bohm has called « holomovement ». And this infinite series can be found condensed into a microscopic state
in each cell of our body. This imprint shows a plan – a « programme » in fact – absolutely unique for each individual

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.I hope you still follow me ! Astrology is fabulous to learn, to explore, and above all to experiment. Because when we go into it, little by little we realize that it works with an astounding precision.

.To know that we’re an emergence of the Universe Intelligence, here and now, can change drastically our points of view, our beliefs, our actions and our behaviour in the everyday life. If religions, cultural traditions and philosophical schools suggest us to aid the people, to live in harmony with nature, astrology show us these truths mathematically, and
how to realize them precisely. This is we’re going to see now.

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