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.The cosmogenetic imprint – our cellular memory – reveals our physical and psychological functioning for the whole life. This memory represents our past (a collective past : the karma) and – at the same time – our future (an individual future : the dharma). In other words we have a programme of life inscribed inside us, in the DNA of our cells. Yet we must transform, repolarize the ancient energies (the memory) into something new (the programme).

.Therefore we’re not born by accident, but to accomplish individually a necessity of an universal order. That necessity includes a cosmical need, that’s to say a creative movement of the universal Intelligence (called God, Tao or Brahman), and also an evolutive need of mankind. The two necessities are indissociables. Now it’s a matter of harmonizing ourselves with these movements, during all our life.
We can visualize our programme of existence thanks to a diagram drawn on a sheet of paper : it’s what we call a birth chart. What can we see on it ?

.Our birth chart shows us
all our psychic (and physical) functions, their precise situation in our psyche, and the interaction between them.
Our birth chart indicates clearly
how our self conscious is related to the unconscious (it’s about the unconscious defined by Freud at first, then extended by Jung with the notion of collective unconscious).

Cellular Programme

.At last our birth chart specifies at which moment the universal energies (or archetypes) operate in our life, or, in other words, « contact » us. That subtle but perceptible functioning (which makes us feeling our connection to the planetary entities) incites us to realize our cellular programme. In that sense Dane Rudhyar has talked about « transpersonal activity », when we seek to transform us and live totally the energies which vibrate inside us. In reality it’s a question of being useful for humanity, with consciousness and love.

.The birth chart brings us to consider our real psychological functioning at first glance, our plan of existence and, finally, the essential reason of our incarnation. Here we have a true « dashboard », a system of orientation which allows us to manage and use our energies with efficiency. In fact these energies are strictly identical to those which vibrates as planets in the solar system. Now we can really talk about « biological decoding », forming an experimental basis of a future cosmobiology.

.If we don’t follow our cellular programme, we could cause all sort of dysfunction inside us : depression, physical or mental pathologies, problems in human relations, patterns or incidents which reoccur, accidents, and so on … Finally these events are the reflection of our unconsciousness, the return of our superficial attitudes in front of the world and its needs.
In quantum physics one would tell us that’s a question of quantum events (that’s to say information) which condense and materialize in our personal space-time. Here physicians of great stature come close to Jung’s intuitions about the psychic side of matter.

Galaxy Spiral ADN

.We realize now that our personal responsibility is huge. Indeed it works not only on an environmental level (family, society), but also on a vast, infinite level, planetary and cosmic. In fact it’s a question of creating our individual reality, so that it takes its right place in the universal reality. Finally we’re witnessing the emergence of a psychology in the deepest sense of the term. On one condition : to understand the different levels of human functioning (physical, psychical and spiritual) linked with the informational field of Universe. Then we can talk about holistic psychology, and even quantum psychology.

.This is why I’m talking about « revolution ». And this revolution is not going to stay on a limited spot (a region, a nation), but it will extend to the whole planet for centuries. Now let’s see the spiritual level, not very understood, and so subject to confusion.

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