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.The famous Mayan Calendar which extends over hundreds of thousands of years (and maybe millions of years) ends in 2012. That Calendar was elaborated thanks to the study of cycles of the time, drawn up both on the relation Earth-Sun, and on the relation Sun-Milky Way (and particularly on the relation between the Sun and the center of the Galaxy). Without going into details, some studies have shown that the Aztec and the Maya were knowing the precession of the equinoxes (gyration of the Earth on its axis during about 26000 years).

great alignementIn modern astronomy, we know that the solar system moves above, then under the galactic equator. The Maya had understood that this cyclic movement was lasting 26000 years. But surprisingly, they’d seen that in our time the solar system (the Ecliptic plane) would cross the galactic equator. And indeed, this crossing is actually getting done – between 1987 and 2012 – with the exact crossing point in 1999. In other words, since 1987 the terrestrial biosphere
has been precisely aligning with the galactic center, gigantic black hole boosting powerful vibrations of energy.

Voie lactée   Calendrier Maya

.According to some astrophysicists, the solar system is going through an interstellar cloud crammed with synchrotron radiation (an electromagnetic energy extremely fast and powerful). This is a physical fact. In astrology we study the vital functioning of any existence on three levels : physical, psychical and metaphysical (or spiritual). Consequently we can think that the energy of the galactic center, which we’re receiving, tends to produce an important change on the terrestrial biosphere, humanity included. When Sri Aurobindo wrote that the present crisis was an evolutionary crisis of the human race, it’s in the sense which mankind must proceed to a drastic transformation of its present condition : to go from ignorance and violence to universal consciousness and harmony. If we don’t make it, we purely and simply vanish. We all know that, more or less consciously.

.We’ll see that astrology shows the necessity and the urgency to transform ourselves. It gives us the useful codes, and the precise moments to do it. Let’s see how.

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