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.Welcome to everybody ! Here, under your very eyes, the future in the knowledge of the human being is emerging.

.Indeed, a new way to broach astrology is going to allow us to reconsider entirely our physical body, our psychology, and our very existence in the Universe. It is a
real revolution which promises to mark a deep impact on the third millennium.

.This revolution is necessary to cross
the powerful crisis which shakes our planet, in the best possible. Indeed, at the moment the solar system and the terrestrial biosphere are in a place of the Galaxy which boosts a mutation to the whole humanity.

.To perform this tremendous transition, we need a compass,
a system of orientation extremely efficient.

.This system exists. It’s situated in the depths of our body,
in our cells. All together we’re going to discover this wonderful system, so that to transform ourselves and use it with great benefit for our whole life.

.So let’s go for the discovery !



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